Frischlackiertchallenge: Typography

Frischlackiertchallenge: Typography

Hello Ladies,

Wow, May is almost over and that also means that the Frischlackiertchallenge is slowly coming to an end. We already got to the second to last theme, which is “Typography”.

What I used:
– Essie “Urban Jungle” (base color)
– brown polish from Manhattan that I mixed with white stamping polish to make it lighter and more opaque for stamping
– MoYou plate “Pro 04
nail stickers from Jolifin

The beige and brown color combo reminded me of pages in an old book and at first I wanted to stamp the flowers too but then remembered that I had flower stickers lying around somewhere. And what can I say, I am not sure if I will ever use the rest of the stickers again. They are horrible! First they are not sticky enough so the edges would always lift and make the outline of the sticker visible. Even top coat didn’t help smoothing everything out. So the next day my nails got caught in my clothes and some stickers kind of…”broke”. I don’t even know how to describe it. The polish underneath was fine, but a part of the sticker broke of… I have never had that before. And as I wanted to remove it, I wished I had used a peel off base coat. Because of course NOW that I wanted them off, they decided to stay and stuck to my nails like super glue… grrrrr!
They are pretty and sparkly, yes – but not worth the sweat and tears while applying and removing them. :/

Sunday is the last challenge day (theme diamonds) and probably the hardest for me because I have no idea what I will paint yet.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Love Nina

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