China Glaze – Electric Nights Collection 2015

China Glaze – Electric Nights Collection 2015

Hey Ladies,

this post is long overdue. I bought these beauties from the Electric Nights collection over a month ago but never had the time to write a whole review. China Glaze is by far one of my favorite nail polish brands especially when it comes to neon polishes. When this collection came out, I was super excited but I limited the purchase to four polishes (so far :P).

Go with the flow – This is a neon Barbie pink and sooo pretty. The texture was better than I was used form CG neon polishes and I only needed two even coats in the pictures below. It dries semi matte and not that fast, but I fixed that with a fast drying top coat. With five days, wearing time was perfect!

Ready to rave – A lot of people describe it as a neon traffic cone orange. And they are absolutely right! This one really glows and is super bright. The texture was not as easy to work with as Gwtf, but I still only did two coats and a top coat.

Let the beat drop – A mixture of orange, pink and magenta matte glitter pieces in a clear base. This is one (with the brush) dabbed coat over white. If you want to use it over a light color, I would recommend to protect the base with a top coat because the color of the glitter tends to bleed out a little bit.

Point me to the party – I see blue, green, orange and magenta in there. Again the base is clear and this is one dabbed coat over pink. A really fun mixture for the summer!

I am a huge fan of this collection! The quality is good and the colors are perfect to combine with each other. I already fancy two or three other polishes of the collection! :)

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